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      "You must go," she repeated.Of Three Star Camp, and very much at your service, said Varley, with his little drawl. May I ask the same question?

      "Miss Flora?"

      Is there no coach, no vehicle, to take me? asked Trafford.Becausebecause you tempted her! she said in a whisper. Trafford saw you together in the fernery in the conservatoryhe had other evidence; but that was enough.

      Esmeralda looked at him with a tenderness that had something pathetic in it.The man who held her raised her in his arms, and Esmeralda felt herself lifted on to a horse. The hoofs must have been muffled, for her quick ears had heard no sound.

      But within the hour Trafford was riding to the hut on the hills as if he were racing for life. Whereas he was only racing for love!Both Constance and Victorine flashed to retort, but saw the smiling critic as pale as Anna and recalled the moment's truer business, the list still darting innumerably around them always out of reach. The carriage had to push into the very surge, and Victorine to stand up and call down to this man and that, a fourth and fifth, before one could be made to hear and asked to buy for the helpless ladies. Yet in this gentlewomen's war every gentlewoman's wish was a military command, and when at length one man did hear, to hear was to vanish in the turmoil on their errand. Now he was back again, with the list, three copies! Oh, thank you, thank you and thank you!



      Lord Ffoulkes nodded and grinned, and Trafford went into[170] the anteroom. The stick was standing where he had left it, and he took it up and was leaving the room when Ada entered.


      Ask her if shell come quietly, said Simon, or well settle her off-hand.