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      Trafford did not show you the ruins of the old priory, or the lake, he said. I cant think how he forgot those! Will you come for a drive this afternoon with me and see them? There is a pony-phaeton low enough for me to climb into.

      Mr. Pinchook looked at her and coughed.

      When? she demanded in a whisper.

      He kissed her on the forehead with a brothers love, a strong mans reverence. She sighed. A faint sound came from a bank of ferns behind them. She turned her head listlessly.

      There was a pause, during which he fought hard for self-control; then she said:

      You look She paused. That dress suits you, my lady, she said, with suppressed admiration.


      How handsome Lord Norman has grown! she said, after a silence. That boyish way of his is very taking. He has[211] been making quite a number of conquests since he came back; some of the women declare that he is irresistible.



      Esmeralda laughed slightly.