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      Thanks, said Lady Ada. I dont suppose the wedding is very far off. Why should you wait? And I shall be pleased to be one of your bride-maids. Lady Lilias will be one, of course?Even to this the sweet widow's misplaced wrinkles faintly replied, while Greenleaf asked, "Does the Lieutenant's good fortune account for the--'clutches of the dressmaker'?"

      By the time they had reached the bend of the road they found the men awaiting them. They looked a formidable band, and their silence was more ominous than any shouting or fierce oaths could have been. Some of the mens faces were as white as Varleys own, and there was a look on Taffys so full of blood-thirstiness that for a moment or two Norman could not take his eyes from him.

      Her hands lay in her lap. She did not clasp them, but he saw that they trembled.


      It was not only kindit was exceedingly brave of you, he went on in a low voice. He might have come down upon you!


      As they drew a little apart, and she bent down to examine her train, she said in a low voice:


      I find it hard to realize, too, she said.This repetition of the offense was too much for Taffy, and he lurched on to the speaker and gripped him by the arm.