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      "I'll be sure t' git word t' him this very night," answered the fictitious Mrs. Bolster.

      Shorty and the woman had reached a point nearly a half-mile outside of the guard-line when he stopped and said:

      "Indeed it would," Shorty started to answer, but time was too precious to waste in speech. In an instant he had shoved an old desk up to the wall, mounted it, and handed the picture down to Si. They wrapped it up in their overcoats, and started back for camp. They had seen enough of Murfreesboro' for that day.

      He went back to where Si was disarming and searching Tingle. The prisoner had a United States musket, cartridge-box, canteen, and a new haversack, all of which excited Shorty's ire.237 "O, ain't I glad to git out of the wilderness,

      "Here, Uncle, give me your kittle. I'll git it filled for you."

      His suffering comrade, in very pointed language, urged upon Si the propriety of exercising a little more care. He determined that he would manage to get some other fellow to stand next to Si after that.



      "I don't own nary one."Shorty smiled faintly at what he seemed to consider a rather feeble joke, even for Si.


      "Splendid idea. Shorty," said the Captain, catching on at once.