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      [157] Minutes of Proceedings of the Congress of Governors, June, 1711.V2 retreating French without delay, and attack them at Isle-aux-Noix before they had finished their fortifications. And if, at the same time, he had directed Prideaux, instead of attacking Niagara, to co-operate with him by descending the St. Lawrence towards Montreal, the prospect was good that the two armies would have united at the place, and ended the campaign by the reduction of all Canada. In this case Niagara and all the western posts would have fallen without a blow.

      It was her way of letting Counsell know, without being disloyal to her father, that she did not share in her elder's delusions. The young man looked at her in a new way. It was the first inkling of her real nature that she had given him. Pen felt his look through and through her.Acadia ceded to England ? Acadians swear Fidelity ? Halifax founded ? French Intrigue ? Acadian Priests ? Mildness of English Rule ? Covert Hostility of Acadians ? The New Oath ? Treachery of Versailles ? Indians incited to War ? Clerical Agents of Revolt ? Abb Le Loutre ? Acadians impelled to emigrate ? Misery of the Emigrants ? Humanity of Cornwallis and Hopson ? Fanaticism and Violence of Le Loutre ? Capture of the "St. Fran?ois" ? The English at Beaubassin ? Le Loutre drives out the Inhabitants ? Murder of Howe ? Beausjour ? Insolence of Le Loutre ? His Harshness to the Acadians ? The Boundary Commission ? Its Failure ? Approaching War

      Altercations ? Attitude of Dongan ? Martial Preparation ? Perplexity of Denonville ? Angry Correspondence ? Recall of Dongan ? Sir Edmund Andros ? Humiliation of Denonville ? Distress of Canada ? Appeals for Help ? Iroquois Diplomacy ? A Huron Macchiavel ? The Catastrophe ? Ferocity of the Victors ? War with England ? Recall of Denonville.CLORON DE BIENVILLE.

      Bigot and his accomplices invented many other profitable frauds. Thus he was charged with the disposal of the large quantity of furs belonging to his master, which it was his duty to sell at public auction, after due notice, to the highest bidder. Instead of this, he sold them privately at a low price to his own confederates. It was also his duty to provide transportation for troops, artillery, provisions, and stores, in which he made good profit by letting to the King, at high prices, boats or vessels which he had himself bought or hired for the purpose. [551]He then charges the dead man with losing the battle of Quebec by attacking before he, the Governor, arrived to take command; and this, he says, was due to Montcalm's absolute determination to exercise independent authority, without caring whether the colony was saved or lost. "I cannot hide from you, Monseigneur, that if he had had his way in past years Oswego and Fort George [William Henry] would never have been attacked or 321

      The coin in circulation was nearly all Spanish, and[Pg 317] in less than two years the Company, by a series of decrees, made changes of about eighty per cent in its value. Freedom of conscience, freedom of speech, of trade, and of action, were alike denied. Hence voluntary immigration was not to be expected; "but," says the Duc de Saint-Simon, "the government wished to establish effective settlements in these vast countries, after the example of the English; and therefore, in order to people them, vagabonds and beggars, male and female, including many women of the town, were seized for the purpose both in Paris and throughout France."[311] Saint-Simon approves these proceedings in themselves, as tending at once to purge France and people Louisiana, but thinks the business was managed in a way to cause needless exasperation among the lower classes.As they neared the town, the Indians swarmed to the shore, and began the usual salute of musketry. "They fired," says Cloron, "full a thousand shots; for the English give them powder for nothing." He prudently pitched his camp on the farther side of the river, posted guards, and kept close watch. Each party distrusted and feared the other. At length, after much ado, many debates, and some threatening movements on the part of the alarmed and excited Indians, a council took place at the tent of the French commander; the chiefs apologized for the rough treatment of Joncaire, and Cloron replied with a rebuke, which would doubtless have been less mild, had he felt himself stronger. He gave them also a 50



      The Pope and the Bourbons had claimed this wilderness for seventy years, and had done scarcely more for it than the Indians, its natural owners. Of the western tribes, even of those living at the French posts, the Hurons or Wyandots alone were Christian.[4] The devoted zeal of the early 42


      V2 consequence. I take the blame of that unlucky day entirely upon my own shoulders, and I expect to suffer for it." Then, speaking of the new project of an attack above Quebec, he says despondingly: "My ill state of health prevents me from executing my own plan; it is of too desperate a nature to order others to execute." He proceeds, however, to give directions for it. "It will be necessary to run as many small craft as possible above the town, with provisions for six weeks, for about five thousand, which is all I intend to take. My letters, I hope, will be ready to-morrow, and I hope I shall have strength to lead these men to wherever we can find the enemy." In 1692, the minister writes to Frontenac and Champigny that